Hot Tub Wiring

A hot tub is a great way to relax after a long, hard day. Whether you plan on inviting close friends, watching a game, or just taking it easy with your spouse or children, a hot tub can provide an enjoyable and peaceful addition to your home.

Hot tubs can either be portable or built-in. There are relatively inexpensive models that can hold two people and typically cost between $900 and $2,500, or larger more advanced models that can hold up to 7 or 8 people, and usually cost between $4,000 and $8,000. For a more spacious, luxurious model with multiple jets and underwater lighting, and even music, you’ll probably spend between $8,000 and $15,000.

Installation/Hot Tub Wiring

For the smallest portable hot tubs, no installation is necessary. All you have to do is bring it home from the store or have it delivered, fill it with water and plug it in to a regular dedicated GFCI electrical outlet. For larger models with more jets and special lighting, you will likely have to install a larger circuit breaker and other larger gauge wiring. This can cost around $1,000 to 1500 dollars depending on the hot tub’s location. Most tubs are sold these days with a GFCI spa pack, please advise us if you did not receive one as this will affect the price.

Whatever type of hot tub you choose, you’ll need to verify that the surface you place it on is strong enough to support its weight. If you plan on installing a built-in hot tub on your deck you’ll need to hire a professional to make room for it and add the proper support. Though this can cost several thousand dollars, it will add significantly to your home’s value.

If you install an indoor hot tub you’ll be able to use it in all weather conditions and with total privacy. However, you’ll need a room with special ventilation and humidity controls. Montana Electric can provide that for you.

Additional Costs

Be sure to budget in an extra $20 to $40 per month for electric costs and up to $300 a year for cleaning and chemical treatments. A hot tub cover is an inexpensive addition which cut heating costs, and is also an essential safety feature for homes with children or pets. They typically cost between $50 and $400, depending on their size, material, and energy efficiency.

When selecting the proper hot tub for your home, make sure to factor in the location where you want to use it, the climate you live in, and the size you need. Some companies let you try out the hot tub in their showroom, so be sure to bring a swim suit and towel. Pay attention to the hot tub’s noise level, feel of the jets, and comfort. If you plan properly and hire quality professionals, you’ll enjoy a wonderful hot tub without spending more money than necessary.

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